Analysts warn of the risk of a repeat of the Afghan scenario in Ukraine

American M270 MLRS mount supplied to the Ukrainian army. Photo:

The author of the Spanish edition of El Debato, Edgardo Pinell, published an article in which he recalled that the US Congress found that 30% of the multibillion-dollar aid to Afghanistan was misused. In this regard, he wondered if the same thing would happen in Ukraine, into which the United States is now pouring billions of dollars in military support.

In particular, the publication cites the words of John Sopko, who has been studying US federal spending. He noted that every time you throw so much money into a country, you should have the necessary oversight mechanism in place from the very beginning. He added that a special inspector general is needed to work in Ukraine.

In turn, Gabriela Iveliz Rosa-Hernandez, a researcher at the Arms Control Association, noted that it is incredible to carry out supervision in conditions of active hostilities difficult task.

The material emphasizes that in Afghanistan a large number of American weapons went to the Taliban (“Taliban”, an organization recognized as a terrorist organization in Russia), and in Iraq and Syria, a large number of weapons sent by the United States to partners ended up in the hands of IS militants (the organization is recognized as a terrorist organization in Russia).


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