By how much has Vladimir Putin increased the size of the armed forces?

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has increased the number of staff units that should be staffed by the Russian armed forces. How much has the staffing increased and why — in the material

How many people are in the armed forces in 2022? 

Today in the armed forces The Russian Federation has 1,902,758 units, including 1,013,628 military personnel. The last time this number was established by the President by Decree No. 555 of November 17, 2017 for 2018.

How much will the number of armed forces increase? 

The President, by his decree, set the number of armed forces in the number 2,039,758 people, of which 1,150,628 people are military personnel. Compared to the current strength, the composition will increase by 137 thousand people. 

When will the regular strength of the armed forces increase? 

The decree comes into force on January 1, 2023, and this means that from the beginning of next year, the armed forces will operate in an increased strength.

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