Chief Keef – Trophy Lyrics

[Young Chop On The Beat]

?? Mothafucking crib
(Loan me some of your time)
[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
She take it slow then she wine it up
I’m showing love but it’s not enough
Girl your fine like win
Loan me some of your time
Tell me can you be my friend
I will like to tell you who I am
Baby will you take me for who I am
Ima hold the deal up on my end
Bang , Bang
I know you don’t want no scrub
Baby Ima boss you should love that in me
She’s like but my bestfriend was like baby he’s a dog he was trynna holla at me
I know if I fuck up another nigga luck up in the club dancing on your pum pum baby
Baby I respect you and look if you let me I do not take you as a dumb dumb baby

I’ll hold you slowly
Treat you like a trophy
Get so much of you I owe the
Can you pass me up like slowly
I’ll wear you out like my Louis
Squeeze on you like my tooly