Crimean senator Tsekov suggested that Zelensky wants to rule Ukraine forever

Democracy and freedom in Ukraine have turned into anarchy and permissiveness

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently said that a prisoner-of-war tribunal in the DPR could lead Kyiv to refuse to negotiate with Russia, because this will be the last line. Crimean senator Sergei Tsekov considered the Ukrainian leader's promises verbiage and suggested that he had developed a Napoleon complex.

Photo: Global Look Press

In an interview with, Tsekov said that, given Zelensky's invitations to speak in different countries, he developed a Napoleon complex, especially since people go to him. According to the senator, the Ukrainian leader believes that he will rule Ukraine forever, although in the next year he will be very upset, because many issues will be resolved without him.

According to Tsekov, Zelensky and the country's advisers from the USA, Great Britain, Poland and the Baltic States do not want to allow publicity for the crimes of the Nazis before and during the SVO, in particular, who and how killed civilians, covered themselves with them and exemplarily executed Russian prisoners of war.

< p> The senator is convinced that democracy and freedom, which has been discussed in Ukraine for the past 30 years, has turned into anarchy and permissiveness, including for those who are and will be judged. Thus, as Tsekov noted, people had the opportunity to dispose of other people's lives without any reason.

In addition, the senator added that most Ukrainian prisoners were not security forces, but they crossed the line, issuing sentences that ended in murder civilians and prisoners of war. According to Tsekov, Zelensky is afraid that many facts may be revealed at the tribunal that will become public in Russia and other countries. The senator concluded that the Ukrainian leader does not care about those who will be judged, nor about the conscripts who are caught and sent without preparation to the front line.

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