Daria Dugina died: “There was no detachment from people in her”

“These nonhumans killed the music”

I found out that Daria Dugina had been killed late at night – at a time that is traditionally called the hour between a wolf and a dog – the worst and black time. A message came to Telegram: “How could you comment?”. First thought: “What a mean prank?”. I still can't believe it, but I will never be able to accept what happened.

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They write that Alexander Gelievich Dugin was the target of the killers. Dasha was driving his car. But she herself was repeatedly recorded as “enemies number one.” Not so long ago, she wrote on social networks – now the British have added it to the next sanctions list, to the very beginning.

In our circle, we are used to saying that war on the battlefield is based on noomachy – the war of ideas. We are used to remembering that the sage Heraclitus taught that life is based on war – polemos (hence the word “controversy”), we remember that the democrats sentenced the father of philosophy Socrates to death by voting. But when you find out that some kind of finished scum secretly, stealthily killed an unarmed thinking person, it is bitter and painful purely human.

I have known Daria (“I was familiar” – not pronounced, not written) for seventeen years, from the moment I came to the Eurasian Youth Union created by Dugin. I myself was no longer quite a young man with a great confusion in my head, and – I remember, then I was glad – there were so many young and searching people, and even children … I remember Darya Alexandrovna a few years later – an expert on French philosophy and politics, for whom the language of Montaigne and Deleuze became almost family. It seems that Michel Foucault said that the death of a person is not worth crying about. I can't agree.

And Dasha was also a very talented musician – the author of an extremely interesting electronic project Dasein May Refuse, which, in my opinion, is not particularly remembered now. These non-humans killed the music.

It did not have the quality that is usually attributed to political thinkers – there was no coldness and detachment from the world and people. Every meeting – even on the sidelines of an event or behind the scenes of a talk show – was very warm. And every time – “we should talk longer, ask more questions …”

Just returned with his wife and son from the Crimea. On the way, I read about how air defense works throughout the peninsula, repelling attacks from the air, and I thought – “how are those with whom you managed to get to know, are they safe?”. And when I learned that on Saturday the Tradition festival was held in the Moscow region – where Alexander Dugin gave a lecture, and there was Dasha and many other friends – I regretted that I did not have time, and thought: in the morning I will read the reports, look at the photos in social networks. Alexander Gelievich is now in the hospital, but Dasha is not.

My deepest condolences to Alexander Gelievich Dugin, Natalya Viktorovna Melentyeva, and all family and friends of Darya.

God rest!

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