DeJ Loaf – Beef N Broccoli Lyrics

Lessons, lessons sometimes I need you lord come rescue me
A lotta niggas lazy, always begging
Fuck giving out hand-outs, yeah I said it
Sometimes I wanna get away cause life get stressful
I done had it up to here, I felt the pressure
Got me turning up the bottle to deal with depression
They wanna see you down when you progressing
Ain’t have too many real ones by my side
Lotta niggas copped out wasn’t down to ride
I had to learn the hard way, tell ’em bye bye
Now it’s just us, you know family ties
They say success is the best revenge
Lord why do I have to leave my friends?
He say go on DeJ I’mma take you some places
Where everybody can’t go, just face it
He say put your feet on they neck baby, go hard
Don’t stop what you doing
You know you gon’ keep most of these niggas
[?] can’t please everybody
Mud, they don’t know where I come from
Of course they gon’ say this money turned me to a monster
It did, gotta keep the gun tucked
Cause bitches be plotting and they stories ain’t adding up, nah
I said funny that all Ben
All Grants or Jacks, quite frankly I don’t give a fuck
I spit all facts
Niggas want fame, I can tell
You was lame [?], I can tell
And when give you a lame nigga a lil power
They abuse it, niggas start clowning
Gotta settle down quick, leave a nigga drowsy
Been proud of myself shit I’mma say it proudly
All about the fam now
Cam out the county, moms got a man now
Lately, she been smiling
Niggas talk slick but deep down they cowards
Pocket full of money while they mad that ain’t my problem
Timbs on beef and broccoli
How you gon’ beef when you got no broccoli
Sometimes I wanna jeopardize it all
But I know they wanna see me fall
I know they wanna see me fall
I know they wanna see me fall
Know they wanna see me fall
Oh yeah, they wanna see me fall

This shit come with automatically
Success comes with people telling you
You not loyal, you changed
You know, you’re not the same no more
You didn’t get here
Like cause of you, you know
Like God he had nothing to do with this
I mean it just automatically comes with it
It’s, it’s part of the package
You didn’t change and I changed basically
You know that’s basically what it be
What does that tell you?
I saw this shit since I was lil girl, so
I knew where I wanted to go
I knew where I was gon’ end up to
It’s just a matter of time, period