Der Tagesspiegel committed sabotage on both Nord Streams

Der Tagesspiegel: the version of sabotage at the Nord Stream is not ruled out Such sabotage requires the use of trained special forces, such as divers or a submarine, sources say. Officially, the authorities do not put forward their versions of the pressure drop in gas pipelines

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A sharp drop in pressure in one of the Nord Stream 2 lines and in both pipes of Nord Stream 1 could have been the result of “targeted attacks,” according to Der Tagesspiegel, citing sources connected to the investigation of the incidents.

In both cases, an investigation has been launched by the German federal security authorities.

“We cannot conceive of a scenario that is not a deliberate sabotage,” — cites the publication of the words of one of the participants in the investigation, which is being conducted by the federal authorities. “Everything speaks against coincidence,” — he added.

Publication source “in circles informed of the results of the preliminary evaluation” events noted that this kind of sabotage— the case is “far from trivial”; and requires the involvement of special forces, such as sea divers or a submarine.

Experts discuss two main options for the “authorship of the alleged attacks.” Firstly, Ukrainian forces or forces connected with Ukraine, which has its own gas transportation system and has always opposed Nord Stream, may be responsible for damage to pipelines.

Second version— this is a Russian false flag operation. “This could create additional uncertainty and push gas prices higher to further exacerbate the European energy cost crisis, which has eased somewhat of late,” the interlocutors of the newspaper note.

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Officially, the authorities say they do not know the reasons for the pressure drop in pipelines and do not put forward any versions.

On the night of September 26, in line A of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline recorded a sharp drop in pressure, a representative of the operator Nord Stream 2 AG told RBC. The representative of the operator added that the incident occurred in the Danish exclusive economic zone southeast of the island of Bornholm. The representative of the pipeline operator Nord Stream 2 AG, Ulrich Lissek, specified that the pressure dropped from 105 to 7 bar due to a hole in the pipe, but it is not yet known exactly where it is. Nord Stream-1» recorded a pressure drop in both strings of the gas pipeline.

On the morning of September 27, the Danish Maritime Authority reported that gas leaks occurred near the Nord Stream gas pipeline; northeast of Bornholm Island, with the pipeline running southeast of the island. According to the department, the leaks occurred in two places— at positions 55°33.40' northern latitude— 015°47.30' east longitude and 55°32.10' northern latitude— 015°41.90' east longitude.

“Leaks are a danger to shipping. Swimming is prohibited within 5 km from the indicated positions,— it was said in the warning.

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