Diddy Gets Called Out By Black Rob’s Manager For Not Helping To Save His Life

Diddy is under fire by Black Rob’s manager, who he felt could have done more to help the rapper during his lifetime.

Black Rob, who is a former Bad Boy rapper, passed away on April 17 at the Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. He was only 52, but his short life was plagued by numerous health issues that ultimately led to his life being cut short. It also seems that the rapper was in financial ruin. He disclosed before his death at he was facing homelessness. It’s speculated that the cost of his medical treatments brought him to that state, and if he had had the financial resources, he could have been able to get a kidney transplant to save his life.

While the fans of the rapper and his family are in mourning, many, however, are lashing out at Diddy, who they feel should have acted sooner if he truly cared for the rapper. Diddy came out days ago and said he would pay the funeral expenses of the late rapper to ensure he had a dignified send-off, but fans and Black Rob’s former manager are not happy with Diddy seeming to profit from the attention of the rapper’s death.

The late rapper’s manager Kal Dawson says Diddy’s assistance comes too little, too late. During an interview on the Murder Master Music Show, Dawson mused on why only now Diddy has stepped up to assist. According to him, Diddy had reached out earlier when the first video of Black Rob came out, but he didn’t act, which might have made a difference.

“Through somebody else that was affiliated with Rob, Diddy reached out and was gonna do something for Rob, this is when the video first went up when he was in the hospital,” he explains. “People draggin’ their feet and nothing got done. So now you gonna pay for his funeral, he dead and gone now! Everybody wanna do something for you when you are dead and gone!”

Both Black Rob and Diddy had a seemingly close relationship while the former was under Bad Boy management. However, Black Rob later ditched the label after he said they neglected him while he was in prison, even though one of his hits helped to save the label, which was struggling with keeping some of its big-name artists due to Diddy’s bad blood with them.

The two were not friends or on speaking terms until Black Rob was in the hospital fighting for his life, or so it appears from news surrounding the time Diddy reached out.

Dawson says the initial video of Black Rob in the hospital that sparked concern was filmed by him.

“I’m the one that was in the hospital and put him on video and it went viral,” he says. “I did that I was there with him. A lot of people that could’ve helped didn’t help. That’s why I put the video up to show ’em that everybody wanna keep shit hush-hush, but he is not getting no help.”

He said money might have changed the late rapper’s fate. “Who is gonna put two or three hundred thousand dollars behind this man? They’ll take that money and go buy a guy or finance or lease a Rolls-Royce or Lamborghini to ride around, look pretty, because that is something for them.”

He added, “You can’t tell people what to do with their money, but a lot of people that were in position to help but they didn’t and it was too late because he passed away Saturday, a week after DMX.”

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