Finnish customs explained why it took the euro from the Russians

Finnish customs officers explained the reason for the ban to Russians carry cash euros across the border. The Finnish Customs Control Department explained to RBC that the ban was caused by EU sanctions. The agency referred to Article 5i of the EU Council Regulation.

“It is prohibited to sell, deliver, transfer or export banknotes denominated in any official currency of a Member State [of the European Union] to Russia or to any individual or legal entity, organization or body in Russia, including the government and the Central Bank of Russia, or for use in Russia»,— cited the provision of the article in the customs department.

The exceptions stipulated in the article apply to those EU citizens who are sent to Russia and carry currency for personal use, as well as “diplomatic missions, consular offices or international organizations in Russia enjoying immunities under international law.

Finnish customs officials specified that the exception does not apply to individuals who return from Finland back to Russia. “They can't bring any euro banknotes with them to Russia,” — said in the response of the department.

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