FSB General is confident in the “Ukrainian trace” of the murder of Daria Dugina

Special services should strengthen interaction with society

Investigators are investigating the circumstances of the explosion of the car in which Daria Dugina (Platonova) died. Most experts suspect a “Ukrainian trace” in what happened and put this tragedy on a par with the terrorist attacks in the Crimea, Kursk and Belgorod regions. Retired FSB General Alexander Mikhailov told MK how to deal with the new threat.

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Military reporter and blogger Semyon Pegov recalled that terrorist attacks had been prevented in the capital in recent months. So, there was an attempt on the TV journalist Vladimir Solovyov. Pegov believes that in the case of Daria Dugina, it was not just some radical psychopath recruited by the SBU that acted, but a well-organized network.

We can agree with this. It is unlikely that the same person could deliver explosives to the place, lay them, and then also set the explosive device into action. There must have been someone else who controlled the process and pressed the button. Who are the customers and performers?

– I do not even doubt, – Alexander Mikhailov says to MK, – that this is related specifically to the situation in Ukraine. And this once again shows that various kinds of sabotage groups are already quite active on the territory of the Russian Federation. Let us recall the disturbing cases in the Kursk, Belgorod regions, in the Crimea.

Moreover, these sabotage groups are formed not only from among the employees or agents of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). These groups can be formed from among marginal circles, as well as from refugees, of which there are several million with us.

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Look how many, I would say, “unfiltered” refugees arrive every day on the territory of Russia. How many of them are SBU agents – no one can say.

We can even assume that a large number of recruits are also women. Because the events of the first and second Chechen campaigns showed that very often not only men, but women took part in reconnaissance and sabotage and openly terrorist actions.

– Everything that is happening on our territory now is very serious signal.

I believe that today, and I have already spoken about this many times, it is already necessary to think about creating a powerful fist of popular resistance to a new threat within the country. This does not mean that we must arm the citizens, as in the same Ukraine. No, I'm talking about something else. We must form some kind of people's squads, operational detachments of youth in order to prevent such things.

It is impossible to put a policeman or an FSB officer at every post. It is impossible to put them on every car of politicians, especially those who are not protected persons.

Therefore, this is a very serious problem. And this problem should first of all be puzzled by local authorities. I don't see any such efforts. I see that the entire burden falls on law enforcement agencies, special services. And today it is necessary to develop this topic in the direction that I spoke about.

We must create a powerful interaction between law enforcement agencies and ordinary citizens who are really worried about what is happening.

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