FSB releases video of new suspect in Dugina murder case

The video shows Ukrainian citizen Bogdan Tsyganenko entering Russia, driving with murder suspect Natalya Vovk, and leaving the country


FSB published a video with Ukrainian citizen Bohdan Tsyganenko, who, according to her, helped Natalya Vovk, accused of the murder of journalist Daria Dugina.

In the video, a man enters Russia, receives fake car numbers, moves in a Mini Cooper with Vovk and is leaving Russia, the security service said.

According to the FSB, Tsyganenko helped a murder suspect with “fake license plates and documents in the name of a real-life citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Yulia Zaiko, as well as together with Vovk assembled an improvised explosive device in a rented ha razhe in the south-west of Moscow. He arrived in Russia via Estonia on July 30, and left the day before the explosion of Dugina's car (August 20).

Daria Dugina, the daughter of the philosopher Alexander Dugin, died when her car was blown up when she was returning from the Tradition festival ; in outskirts of Moscow. Her father was in another car. Two days later, the FSB named the perpetrator of the murder of journalist Natalya Vovk, and blamed the Ukrainian special services for the preparation. Vovk, according to her, came to Russia in July with her daughter and settled in the same house where Dugina lives. They attended the Tradition festival, and after the murder, they left through the Pskov region to Estonia, the FSB told.

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