Goon Squad – Royal Blunt Lyrics

Maaaannn I keep my blunt true like I do my crime
And once I, twist up this bloop, it’s gone blow your mind
Hold up, I can’t choose because them Royals will hurt you
My favorite Jamaican Rum will taste fine with the purple
Now we can smoke all night, cousin it ain’t nothing
Don’t trip, if we run out of Trues, just keep them Royals coming
Got a gang of different types, go on and let the plastics rip
Watch the flavor fill the room, you ain’t got to take a sniff
But once you take a wiff, oh boy its automatic
Everytime you holding sticky, you gone hit the store and grab it
Take it from your boy, I done witnessed it first hand
And this is shoutin Cornbread out the silent thats my man

[Chorus: x2]
We can go all night, keep them True Blunts coming
Drop some paper on the table if you’re smoking something
We can Royal wrap some sticky if you Oooooo Weeeeee
Royal wrap some sticky if you Ooooooo Weeeeee

Yo, rip it out the package
Stuff in Royal wrap it
For the sticky man, gone blueberry or Cognac-it
It got to be the True, Goons blow the blue in traffic
Pull up at the light, smell it, and you gots to have it
What you smoking on?…(This!?)..It’s the Royal Blunt
Go rush them, they got 10 bomb flavors you gone fully want
So go and get them, they fresh and clean
Don’t got to split them, just stuff them up, light them up, and hit them
It’s the Royal Blunt, it’s the True Blunt, thats the best for me
All those other fake blunts, thats like stress to me

Ayo, roll it up, all we blow is the sho’nuff
Keep it True, becuase we don’t smoke nothing thats tore up


I’m about to roll up a True Blunt and pass it around
Until all of my Goonies become engulfed in a cloud
That sour apple smoke, I start to choke and back up off it
When I look around the room I see all my Goons coughing
Yeah, here come another one, passed by my partner
I think the flavor’s grape, but nah, its pena colada, Yeah
That sticky icky get me
And once it hit me it lift me it twist me, make me switch like Bill Bixby
Nah, I mean like David Banner, especially off Banana
When I seen them Royal Blunts man, I had to grab them
Got to have them, when I’m in the club on me like Ahhh yeah
It’s going down tonight, it’s Royal Blunts everywhere


I’m the Kiiinnnggg
Of chopping and dropping them trees
Elbows to O.C.’s
Go tell the police
Mob got a Glad plastic trash bag with no seeds
Keep my grass with no leaves
When you see, you say its O.G.
Don’t want to hurt nobody
But I put bomb in the air like Sadaam or Bin Laden
With my Goon guys Squadron, [?]….green we squabbin partner
But I rather be, rolling me up something to blow
With one of them blueberry or cherry Royal Blunts from the store
Change the [?] when I light up, or 2 blunts [?] dryer
I know…its going to take me hiiiiiigggher
That sticky got my eeyyyyeess shut
And my mouth drrryyyeeed up
I’m blowing

[Chorus x2]

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