How to say correctly: “in the Donbass” or “in the Donbass”?

In  the oral speech of Russians, the form "in"Donbass" is quite common. found out whether such a variant is acceptable and how to speak correctly.

Which is correct: in Donbass or in Donbass?

If you delve into the etymology of this word, then&nbsp ;option «in Donbass» — violates the norms of the Russian language and is considered incorrect. As noted on the website, Donbass stands for Donetsk Coal Basin. Accordingly, in the & nbsp; Russian language there is no such form of use as «on the pool», it is correct to say «in the pool». Therefore, in this case, the option “in” Donbass is appropriate.

What is known about Donbass?

According to the World Encyclopedia, Donbas — this is a region whose name and location comes from the Donetsk coal basin. It is a major center of the coal industry, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy. Coal deposits in  this subject were discovered at the beginning of the 18th th century, and commercial development began a century later — in the XIX century.

There are several coal mining areas in Donbass:

  • the northern part of the Donetsk region (before 1961, Stalin);
  • the southern part of the Luhansk region (before 1938 Donetsk, before 1959 Voroshilovgrad);
  • the eastern part of the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Donbass belongs to one of the urbanized regions peace. About 90% of the inhabitants live here in cities and urban-type settlements.


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