How will landowners be responsible for extinguishing fires?

The government proposes to oblige land owners to report fires that have arisen on their territory and to assist in extinguishing them. The draft law on amendments to Article 13 of the Land Code, prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture together with the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, is posted on the portal for discussion of the normative acts being developed. 

fire from which often spreads into the forests, — considers coordinator of the WWF Russia forest project Konstantin Kobyakov. — It is difficult to prove the arson of stubble: it's a second, a man struck a match, and the field was busy. But now he will be required by law to immediately call the fire department. And here it is already much easier to hold accountable for concealing information.

True, there is not a word about liability in the draft law. Most likely, the necessary amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses and the Criminal Code will appear already during the consideration of the bill by the Duma.

The obligation to assist in extinguishing can lead to the fact that a person who sets fire to stubble in his field will be one fireman will arrive in a car and give instructions to the landowner's workers where they need to plow a furrow in order to stop the spread of a fire, where to pour water on the grass, and so on. 

In this case, the equipment will work on diesel fuel owner, as well as his water is spent. That is, a person will suffer continuous losses. Kobyakov believes that this will make many lovers of spring burns think hard before burning the remains of last year's grass. Moreover, the fertilizer from the resulting ash is not so effective.

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