Iamsu! – Dogs letras

[Verse 1]
Suzy gon’ run up them commas
My new chick’s [?] Madonna
They ain’t let you in the club
They shut the club down, so fuck em
Suzy be sliding through customs
Suzy been killing production
Baddest lil bitch that you cuffing
Cut that lil bitch off, she nothing
Suzy the man with the plan
Suzy got bitches in France
Suzy might run the same outfit back
Might do it again
Suzy get paid to party
Suzy gon’ smell like a Marley
Suzy spent thousand on Carty’s
Suzy be up with no coffee
I own a couple of businesses
I lost a couple of friends and shit
I just pulled up to the dealership
I know my niggas gon’ feel this shit
I cannot tell you what year we in
I’m on another planet
I’m on another country
Speak to the plug in Spanish
Hola amigo, que paso?
On 23rd with the vatos
Niggas be feeling themselves, get filled with them shells
Bitch it’s like a taco
Suzy the man with the mula
Smoking the swisher with Budha
Suzy got plug on the [?]
Suzy got plug on the Puma
Suzy cold, better drop off
I’m out of gas and I’m coughin y’all
I just got off of a conference call
They want to know what the concert costs
20 racks if I’m friendly
Swaggin’ since elementary
Drippin’ sauce since the bike days
Young 6 Speed on a 10-speed
6’ 5” with a sick vibe
Never let a fuck nigga slide
When I pull up in a slick ride
I’ma let a thick girl drive
I got the flow, it’s on autopilot
I met some girls, they was all about it
Ask me if I got a plan B
Honestly I never thought about it
I’m on my way but I’m serving
Stick to the plan but it’s perfect
I don’t feel none of your energy
Really you making me nervous
Pull up in Chevy Suburban
She slid in my DM, I curved her
They all foreign bitches in stills
They feeling my swag, talking merger
I just pulled up to the fortress
I ain’t stop rocking Air Forces
I still be rocking Toyotas
I got dough to buy a few Porsches
Bossman taking orders
I remember buying ten sacks
Now a nigga facing quarters
Niggas tryna get they wind back
They done put me in the driver’s seat
I’m who these lil niggas tryna be
Look at my day, I got demons inside of me
Pray to my maker like get this shit out of me
Probably I could be one of the greatest
Did this shit without a major
I’m dripping sauce, kicking flavor
Hate it but love this shit later