In Kyiv, 95 streets and squares connected with Russia and the USSR were renamed

In Ukraine, after the start of the special operation, the process of changing the names of toponyms associated with Russia or the USSR intensified. In Kyiv, they have already decided to rename almost 100 streets and squares, in Odessa they are preparing to change 200 names of objects 673w” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

London Street in Kyiv

Deputies of the Kyiv City Council approved the renaming of 95 streets, alleys and squares of the capital of Ukraine, whose names are associated with Russia and the Soviet past, Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko said in his Telegram channel.

“New names, initiated and supported by the public during the rating voting, should perpetuate the memory of the outstanding historical events of Ukraine, as well as the famous figures and heroes who glorified Ukraine and fought for the independence of our state,” — he wrote.

Klitschko warned that the process of renaming streets in Kyiv is not yet complete and will continue.

The mayor gave several examples of old and new toponyms in Kyiv:

  • Marshal Malinovsky Street was named Street of the Heroes of the Azov Regiment (recognized as a terrorist organization in Russia and banned);
  • Tulskaya square— UPA Heroes Square (the organization is recognized as extremist and banned in Russia);
  • Karl Marx Street— Hutsulskaya street;
  • Peterska street— Londonskaya street;
  • Michurina street— Marine Corps Street;
  • Rostovskaya Street— Lutskaya Street.

On the same day, the Odessa authorities announced that they were preparing to change more than 200 toponyms associated with Russia or the USSR in the city. A message about this was published on the official website of Odessa.

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“A meeting of the Historical and Toponymic Commission under the Odessa City Council was held, at which we are completing the process of de-Russification in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. Today there are more than 200 such titles»,— said the head of the commission, Pavel Vugelman.

According to him, the commission has created a permanent working group that studies the issues of renaming streets and squares.

Vugelman specified that the city authorities have developed an interactive map, on which indicates the streets that are planned to be renamed, as well as new names for them, which will be proposed to be considered by the deputies of the city council of Odessa.

The campaign to rename Russian-related toponyms in Ukrainian cities has been going on for several months, several monuments have been demolished, in including Alexander Pushkin.

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