In Lvov, the ashes of the soldiers of the Soviet army will be replaced by the remains of Bandera

“They're even afraid of the dead Russians”

“The dead have no shame” is an outdated expression these days. Now the living do not have shame, mocking the dead. In some neighboring countries, this is now even revered as a special valor. Soviet monuments that can be demolished are already running out. But the unbearable itch of destruction remained. Therefore, they took up what is underground – for military burials.

Photo: ru.wikipedia.orgJan Mehlich.

The authorities of the city of Lvov on Saturday announced the decision to “extract” the remains of Soviet soldiers from the “Marsovo Pole” memorial. At the same time, in the Latvian city of Jekabpils, the remains of Soviet officers were reburied from a mass grave under the recently demolished memorial to the soldiers of the Red Army. In 1944, the commander of the artillery of the 22nd Army of the 2nd Baltic Front, Major General Sergei Kupriyanov, Guards Colonel Gavriil Sharikalov, and Red Army soldier Sakhabutdin Gazeev, who died in battle, were buried at this place in 1944. The memorial over their burial was destroyed last year, and now it has come down to ashes. “They are even afraid of dead Russians,” commented on this event in local social networks.

But if in Latvia they decided “only” to remove the objectionable memorial, reburying the remains of soldiers in a common cemetery, where they will not be conspicuous and evoke “unnecessary memories”, then in Ukraine they simply decided to change the “plus” sign to “minus”. The ashes of Soviet soldiers from the Field of Mars will be removed, and in their place they are supposed to bury the remains of the UPA soldiers (recognized as an extremist organization in the Russian Federation). Fascist accomplices at the burial site of the victors of Nazism – this already smacks of some kind of ritual.

At all times, grave-digging and mockery of the bodies of the dead was considered shameful and forbidden. And to take revenge on the dead for their miserable life is something completely transcendent. The living must deal with the living. Near Rzhev, where several hundred thousand dead Soviet soldiers lie in the ground, next to the military graves of the Red Army, there is a clean and well-groomed cemetery of German soldiers – with neat tombstones. And no sanctions and ups and downs around Nord Stream 2 will affect this.

However, the arguments of ordinary people most likely mean nothing to those who live in a different “metaphysical space”. It seems to some that if Lenin is buried tomorrow, the course of history will change and everything will go according to a different scenario. In their understanding, this can influence the course of the future. Politicians in the Baltics and Ukraine believe that their ritual dances “on the bones” can change the past. Replace the bodies of the winners in the memorials with the ashes of collaborators, and there will be neither the capture of the Reichstag in 1945, nor common victories, nor half a century of Soviet life. Rewritten books, rigged facts are no longer enough. You literally have to dig the earth with your nose in order to forget and forget yourself.


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