In Moscow, accused of espionage in Albania was arrested in the case of state secrets

In Moscow, a court in absentia arrested a woman accused of illegal access to state secrets. Her name and date of birth match those of a Russian blogger-photographer detained in Albania near a military plant in Gramsci

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Svetlana Timofeeva

The Meshchansky District Court arrested in absentia a Russian woman detained in Albania, who is being held in Russia on a case of illegally obtaining information related to state secrets.

The press service of the Meshchansky District Court told RBC that Timofeeva Svetlana Valeryevna was arrested in absentia for two months from the date of transfer to law enforcement agencies. It passes through p. «a» Part 2 Art. 283.1 of the Criminal Code (illegal receipt by a group of persons of information constituting a state secret by kidnapping, deceit, blackmail, coercion, threat of violence, or in any other illegal way). The article provides for punishment in the form of imprisonment for up to eight years.

Her date of birth— March 18, 1981— coincides with the date of birth of photographer-blogger Svetlana Timofeeva detained this week in Albania.

On August 21, the Albanian Ministry of Defense announced that it had detained two Russian citizens and one Ukrainian citizen near a military plant in Gramsci. A Russian citizen entered the territory of the facility and tried to take photographs. During the arrest, he sprayed tear gas in the face of two servicemen. He was accompanied by a man and a woman, who were soon also detained. Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said that the detainees were suspected of espionage.

AlbaniaDailyNews, citing the police, said that 23-year-old Mikhail Zorin and 33-year-old Svetlana Timofeeva were detained ( also known as Lana Sator) and 25-year-old Fedor Mikhailovich A.

Photographer Svetlana Timofeeva published reports on operating and abandoned plants, factories, social institutions, disbanded military units, bunkers, and restricted areas on her blogs. She traveled to more than 30 countries and brought footage of abandoned sites from Iceland, Germany, Italy, Albania, Bulgaria.

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