In Ukraine, the ex-employee of the government received 12 years in prison for treason

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Government House of Ukraine

A former employee of the secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine was sentenced to 12 years in prison under the article on treason, the Prosecutor General's Office said. His property will also be confiscated.

According to the department, the convict “handed over classified information to representatives of the FSB of Russia.” He was recruited in 2007 and carried out his activities until February 2022, the Ukrainian prosecutor's office said.

“Thanks to his position, he had access to information coming from the central government bodies to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. For a monetary reward, he personally transmitted information, including secret information, — claim in the Prosecutor General's Office.

The Security Service of Ukraine clarified that the convict was in charge of a department of the secretariat of the Ukrainian government. According to the intelligence service, the information he transmitted related to “the state of defense capability, the arrangement of the state border and the personal data of Ukrainian law enforcement officers.” Together with him, the head of one of the directorates of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry was detained, both were sent to a pre-trial detention center.

In March, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky toughened the punishment under articles on treason and sabotage. Now they are punished by imprisonment for up to life, while before the maximum sentence was 15 years in prison.



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