Italian media talk about Putin’s “secret triumph”

Corriere della Sera spoke about the development of agriculture in Russia.

The Italian edition of Corriere della Sera called the development of agriculture in Russia “a secret triumph” President Vladimir Putin.

According to journalist Federico Rampini, Putin “paid” for revealing “inconvenient” information that the agricultural sector in Russia “is full of health”.

At the same time, this year Moscow will export grain in a record volume, despite “terrible scenarios”.

Rampini noted that Russia under Putin had “an amazing revival” agriculture.

He recalled that the export of agricultural products from 2000 to 2018 in Russia soared 16 times, and now the country produces more grain than the United States.

It has a particularly favorable effect on Russia in this vein is global warming.

Despite the harm that climate change can cause to some regions, on the whole it benefits the country.

“Russia, along with Canada and the Scandinavian countries, is in a winning position & # 8221;, & # 8211; Rampini is sure.

He added that in 2022, grain exports from Russia should exceed the level of last year.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Putin chose the tactics of Alexander I in Ukraine.

Foreign journalists told about it.


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