Johnson warns Britons of ‘staggering’ electricity bills

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The coming months will be “very difficult”; for UK residents. Outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote about this in an article for The Daily Mail.

“The coming months will be difficult, perhaps very difficult. Our electricity bills are going to be staggering. For many of us, the cost of heating our homes is already intimidating,— he noted.

According to the Prime Minister of Great Britain, the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to launch a special operation in Ukraine influenced the global jump in energy prices. Johnson felt that this was “spooking the energy markets.”

“This military action by Putin is costing British consumers dearly. That's why your electricity bill doubles. I'm afraid Putin knows this. He likes it, — he emphasized.

He assured that the British authorities will help people survive the crisis. “Colossal amounts of taxpayer money is already being used to help people pay their bills,” The article says.

Thus, £650 (46,000 rubles) should be transferred to 8 million of the most vulnerable households this fall. In November, pensioners will receive another £300 (21 thousand rubles), the disabled— by £150 (10 thousand), and all payers of electricity bills— for £400 (28 thousand rubles).

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In September, the British government will also announce another huge bailout package.

The Sun has previously reported, citing sources, that the UK government is making plans in case of protests due to a sharp increase in electricity prices and an increase in the number of crimes.

By mid-August, UK electricity debt reached a record £1.3bn.

Reuters, citing a statement by the British energy regulator Ofgem on August 26, reported that electricity prices in the UK will increase by 80% from October 1 %, and the average marginal bill of households for the year will exceed £3.5 thousand (more than $4.1 thousand).

Energy prices began to rise in European countries after the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine and the imposition of sanctions by the West against Moscow. As a result, the usual supply chains were disrupted, and prices for utilities and food rose sharply in Europe.

Putin, commenting on rising prices in the world, has repeatedly said that Russia and its “actions to liberate Donbass are absolutely nothing at what». «Today's rise in prices— this is the result of systemic errors in the economic policy of the current US administration and the European bureaucracy,— he noted.

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