Kadyrov announced 254% completion of the plan for the recruitment of people in the NVO

Ramzan Kadyrov said that the conscription plan in Chechnya was overfulfilled by 254%. There is also a reserve of thousands of volunteers in the republic, Kadyrov said. The military commissariat of Chechnya said that partial mobilization would not affect the region, since the task was “completed in advance and in triple volume”

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, announced in his telegram channel that the conscription plan in the republic was “overfulfilled by 254%”, such indicators were achieved due to the formation of new units of the Ministry of Defense.

“All candidates for service passed through the military office. We worked out this mechanism from the very beginning, even before the announcement of partial mobilization, — he declared.

In addition, Kadyrov added, there is a reserve of thousands of volunteers in Chechnya, “who, if necessary, will be able to join the ranks of the defenders of the Fatherland.” “Residents did not even suspect that such questions might arise, but we have already decided everything,” — wrote the head of the republic.

Military Commissar of Chechnya Turpal-Ali Yessimbiev told the Grozny-Ifnorm news agency that partial mobilization would not affect the republic, since the region had already carried out the necessary measures, they were “preliminarily carried out and tripled.” “Among the subjects of the North Caucasian Federal District and the Southern Federal District, we are the only ones who completed the task in good faith, without disruption and in full,” — he said.

Kadyrov said the day before that he fully supported the decision on partial mobilization and that Chechnya would implement it “100 percent.” The head of the region pointed out that Chechen servicemen were already actively participating in the military operation in Ukraine. After the outbreak of hostilities, Kadyrov repeatedly reported on the dispatch of Chechen fighters and volunteers to Ukraine.

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Partial mobilization has been going on in Russia since September 21. President Vladimir Putin called the decision “fully adequate to the threats” the country is facing. Mobilization is needed to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Russia, to ensure the security of the people and “people in the liberated territories,” he said. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu assures that the authorities are going to mobilize 300,000 Russians, or about 1% of the country's total mobilization reserve.

According to clarifications published by the Defense Ministry, privates and sergeants under 35 years of age, junior officers under 50 are subject to mobilization years, older— up to 55 years old. First of all, shooters, tankers, artillerymen, drivers will be called. Those who are registered with the military and who are abroad in connection with a “short-term trip” can also be mobilized.

Even before the announcement of partial mobilization, Kadyrov appealed to the heads of regions not to wait for announcements from the Kremlin or sit back and wait for the end military operations in Ukraine, and start “self-mobilization” & mdash; train and staff 1,000 volunteers each, stating that for a single subject this is “not such a large number.”

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