Kid Ink – Noodles & Ramen Lyrics

I came from the noodles and the ramen
Made it from the sewers and the bottom
Been on the grind for a while now
I don’t really got them types of problems
Now all we do is eat like piranhas
Got my ex girl going so bananas
Nah nah ni**a, you don’t know that
You don’t know the half, ni**a, go and do the math

(Verse 1)
I be going round the world
Hoping TSA ain’t going through my bag
They be mad at a ni**a
Cause I’m wearing all my jewelery
When I’m going through the scanner
Blrr, blrr, ring the alarm
Got a long flight, ni**a bring me a bong
She just figured out a ni**a name in a song
Now the f**king flight attendant won’t leave me alone
Got a full house sauce, all Asians
They don’t wanna let me into Vegas
If they don’t wanna let us in the club
Then we kicking the door down, just let me tie my laces
Back then, they ain’t really wanna embrace it
Now I’m all up in they grill
Need some motherf**king bracelets
No it’s new to you, bi**h to me, it’s just basic
See me on the pavement
It’s a motherf**king payment, bi**h

I came from the noodles and the ramen
City got it tatted on my stomach
Remember when the day wasn’t sunny
Now everyday feel like summer
Still out here looking for the come up
Gotta make a band like a drummer
I got a big team in the photos
Everybody need a chain with the logo

(Verse 2)
We talking that money talk, it’s no convo
Chilling in my big crib, it’s no condo
Just me and my main chick, watching Netflix
Bought her some big tits so I can hold them both
And then I get up in that ooh-a
Tell em what’s my name, baby whoo-a
Let me see you bust a bust, baby whoo-ha
One more hit and I be too high
Treating these bi**hes like we the 2 Live Crew
It wasn’t too many, we made it here, right a few
Now I’m top of the cities, see from a bird’s eye view
Pull up, park in any curb that I choose

I came from the noodles and the ramen
Could been a young ni**a robbing