Life for “Uncle Vitya”. The killer of 10-year-old Ulyana and Nastya will die in prison

In Kuzbass, the court put an end to the case of rape and murder of two underage girls. 41-year-old Viktor Pesternikovwill spend the rest of his days in a special regime colony for persons sentenced to life imprisonment.

“Found guilty”< /h2>

«He found guilty of committing the crimes under  p. “a”, “in”, “k” part 2 Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“The murder of two juveniles, committed with to hide another crime, and is equally associated with rape or violent acts of a sexual nature”), 2 episodes  Part  5 Article 131 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Rape of a victim who has not reached the age of fourteen, committed by a person who has a criminal record for a previously committed crime against the sexual integrity of a minor”), 2 episodes ch.  5 Article 132 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Violent acts of a sexual nature committed against a person under fourteen years of age, committed by a person who has a criminal record for a previously committed crime against the sexual integrity of a minor”), part 1 of article 314.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation e for the purpose of evading administrative supervision”)», — informs the official website of the SU SK in Kemerovo Region — Kuzbass.

Missing in Kiselevsk

On September 6, 2021, two 10-year-old schoolgirls — friends Ulyana and Nastya. They left for school in the morning and didn't come back. One of the girls was from a prosperous family, and her parents were the first to sound the alarm, while then the second mother's found out about the state of emergency only from the policemen.

By order of the head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Kemerovo Region, all the personnel of the internal affairs bodies of Kiselevsk were alerted; . Volunteers joined in the search for the missing. About a hundred volunteers worked in the city, trying to track the traces of the disappeared children.

CCTV camera recordings made it possible to establish that the girls, similar in age and appearance to the missing, were indeed seen in the store and on the street with a certain man of about 40. Witnesses claimed that this man was known as “Uncle Vitya” ;. The man was noticed more than once in the company of children, for whom he bought sweets. So this time according to the sellers he acquired a whole cart of various sweets and other goodies that children like. Then the cameras recorded how the girls, together with the man, went towards the garages.

A convicted rapist goes hunting

The man in the video was identified as Viktor Pesternikov, who in 2009 was sentenced to 10 years in prison in a strict regime colony under Article 132 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Forcible acts of a sexual nature”).

< p>It turned out that after his release, Pesternikov did not comply with the regime of restrictions established for him, and the head of the local police department sought in court the imposition of tougher sanctions on the supervised person.

Pesternikov, however, managed to change his place of residence, because of which, for some time, control over him was completely lost. In & nbsp; Kiselevsk "Uncle Vitya" appeared more than once in the company of children, bought them sweets and other trifles, having managed to win their trust. Unfortunately, and the adults didn raise any questions.

A strange man who bought sunflower seeds and soda for two girls who didn didn look like sisters didn raise no questions from the saleswoman on that fateful day.

All this happened just a few hundred meters from the houses where Ulyana and Nastya lived. The cameras captured how Pesternikov led them away, preparing to commit a monstrous, disgusting crime.

The Night of Horror

He was taken literally the next day, right at work . Based on the published videos, local residents who handed Pesternikov over to the police figured it out. At first he said that he simply bought the girls seeds to feed the pigeons, and soda, after which Ulyana and Nastya left. However, very quickly, the bastard confessed everything and showed the house where everything happened.

When it became known about the arrest of the suspect, the residents of Kiselevsk began to gather at the local police department. Wanted one — extradition of Pesternikov for reprisals. Of course, this was not allowed.

A scrupulous description of what happened cannot be given: even reading the dry lines of the protocol is shocking. Having raped and killed one of the friends, the beast tormented the second unfortunate for several hours. Then, having dealt with her, he calmly went to work.

Be careful!

The investigating authorities also opened a case against the persons responsible for the supervision of Pesternikov. The fact that the pervert got free access to children — a glaring fact.

In Kiselevsk, local residents, speaking of the Pesternikov case, regretted one — — that the death penalty has been abolished in Russia. The eternal discussion about humanism, they believe, is not very appropriate in this case, especially when you look at photos of girls whose  uncle Vitya» took away life.

People would simply not understand any sentence other than life imprisonment. And        September            the   s  s         But      there will never be a child-killer in human society.

We need to be vigilant and responsible — for the sake of the memory of the dead and for the sake of the future of the living.

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