Lil Durk – No Fear

Turn up, turn up, turn up

I just sold yo’ soul to a junkie got me feelin’ like the devil
I just went into my jeweler then I iced out me a bezel (Iced out me a bezel)
Rats inside a war yeah, pass the (?)
In the trenches in Margielas pull out money then they jealous
Now I’m rockin’ Balmain, came a long way from them belts
My momma raised a man but I told her that I’m mental
Pull out the money and grab it
Pull out his diamonds and grab ’em (take ’em)
Kidnap his ass and grab ’em
Get off them racks and grab ’em (take ’em)
I say warriors, these bitches gon’ worry us
That Glock is B.I.G., my shooter Notorious
Locked in the Cali, they can’t extort us
Young bull on the come up, Bobby Potter
And I grab them both I’m investing
Off them drugs I stuck my dick inside my bestie (I’m messy)
You was my plug but I found out you tryin’ to finesse me (bitch)
Yoh think I’ma trick on my fam, arrest me (shhh, don’t say nothin’)
Someone please call 911 (Let’s get it, L)
It’s a murder please call 911 (pull up in, let’s get it)
Pull up in that 911 (That’s that new Porshe 911)
Shorty they gon’ cop down some (Let’s get it, brrt)
I be hangin’ ’round the murderers (murderers)
I woke with some murderers
My brothers they some murderers (they some murderers)
My red bottoms they some murderers (turn up)
My momma know the worst
She ain’t no fan but she know my verse (she know my verse)
Margiela Margiela my shirt (Margiela Margiela my shirt)
With this uzi I feel like Lil Vert (yeah yeah)
Just put my momma in a mansion (yeah yeah)
When we on parole but he be tryin’ chance it (Let’s get it)
And I gotta attract that mail where it’s landing (where it’s landing)
Rob me just don’t chance it I’m with them bandits

With them bandits, with them bandits
I’m with them bandits, I’m with them bandits
You tryin’ rob me just don’t chance it
You tryin’ rob me just don’t chance it
It’s a murder

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