Masicka – Make Moves Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Meck mi tell you bout mi feeling
Feel like tell you bout mi feeling
Money stock to the sealing
Wonder if mi dreaming
Spend 5-G this morning
Meck it back by this evening

Gangster do real thing
Like Mommy haffi alright
Everything lock that a teething
When mi seh bleaching a nuh nadinola
Mi tell mi son a daddy goah

Don’t rich like Leeching
Mi nuh frighten fi clean skin
Mi nuh frighten fi jeanstring
A f**k gyal long time
From mi a sneak out and a sneak in
A pastor do preaching

My talk a nuh cheap talk
Suh mi naw go deh meeting
A ground mi use to sleep king
Wa that roof leaking
Money mi waan mi nuh need kin
Pocket swell like a bee sting

Wi deh pon another level now
Know star when mi si star
Mi look in a the mirror, mi ready now

Take wi light last year
F**ker dem try stop the plane
Wi a meck move, wi a meck new
Pu**y dem still a meck noise

Wi a meck move fi go meck food
Pu**y dem still a meck noise

(Verse 2)
Life goes on, suh the fight goes on
And mi fall from the worst
Dem try fi bury mi
Food a eat and some on
And mi rise from the done
Money haffi meck hi nuh
So I have to work
Nuh tek and don’t, wi tek off dem gyal skirt
We feeling happy meck feelings hurt
Suh mi smoke and just fly
Mi not feeling hurt
Mankind too wicked, watch the pu**y dem a lurk
Be-careful dem wi kill you fi a shirt
Ask the sun, ask the moon, mi a star from birth
Dollars pon dollars dem gyal a got to twerk

(Repeat Chorus)