Mobilized Russians started training in the Kaliningrad region

Plot Partial mobilization in Russia

In the Kaliningrad region, the mobilized Russians have begun practical exercises in combat training at the training ground of the Baltic Fleet. All of them comply with the standards for shooting from small arms, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

The ministry added that Russians called up from the reserve are restoring their skills in the use and maintenance of weapons, military and special equipment. The mobilized citizens also took classes in military tactical shooting.

Previously reported, that the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu personally checked the progress of the training of the Russians, called up from the reserve, at the military training grounds of the Western Military District. It was noted that classes with those called up as part of partial mobilization are held with increased intensity and at night. 

Acting military commissar of the Jewish Autonomous Region Dmitry Kuchabsky said that people with combat experience are primarily subject to partial mobilization and those who served in the army. At the same time, there are those who did not serve, are in the reserve and are over 45 years old.

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