Nebenzya: the Czech Republic should evaluate the words of the minister about the death of Dugina

Photo: Frame from video

According to Vasily Nebenzya, Russia's Permanent Representative to the UN, the Russian side is waiting for the law enforcement agencies of the Czech Republic to react to the words Ministry of Defense of the Republic Yana Chernokhova, who said that she did not feel sorry for either the murdered journalist Daria Dugina or her father. The minister also noted that “the night of August 21 in Russia will be remembered for a long time.” Later, Chernokhova confirmed that she “stands behind every word.”

Speaking at the UN Security Council, Nebenzya said that Moscow expects the competent authorities of the Czech Republic to take seriously the statement of the Minister of Defense, giving these words an appropriate assessment.< /p>

“Today we see that Russophobia has overshadowed morality among Western colleagues. The statements made by Minister Chernokhova are, in essence, open support and propaganda of terrorist acts against a civilian,” the Russian diplomat emphasized.


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