Oak floor, mosaic in the toilet. In what conditions did Natalia Vovk live?

Plot Murder of the daughter of philosopher Alexander Dugin

On Thursday «Izvestia» published four photos from the apartment in the house on Prospect Vernadsky, which was filmed by Natalia Vovk. According to the FSB, this woman settled next to Daria Duginato plan the assassination of a journalist. The media, citing a source, reported that in in early August, Vovk signed a lease agreement for 11 months with a monthly payment of 103,000 rubles.

Having monitored outdated rental announcements, aif. ru found the same apartment and found out under what conditions Natalia Vovk was preparing for the murder of Daria Dugina.

«Dear rich»

Judging by data from three rental sites, Natalia Vovk tried to gain time, and not save money. The two-room apartment, which she rented for 103 thousand rubles, at the end of July was offered for 95 thousand. 13th floor, about 100 square meters, a dressing room, a large loggia with a  exercise bike, two bathrooms, German premium appliances, an interior with  gold in   "expensive or rich" style.

"The apartment was made for myself. We will consider each interested person individually — ready for negotiations and search for the optimal solution», — stated in advertisement.

Housing design can be called catchy. A massive chandelier hangs from the embossed ceiling in the living room. In kitchen — vintage clock with a pendulum. The bathroom with Jacuzzi and bidet is tiled.

Announcement about renting an apartment. Screenshot from GorObmen website

Supplement for cat

The same apartment, judging by the outdated ads, was rented out in March-April 2022. Then she was described in a little more detail:

«Paul — natural oak and tile (warm floor). Doors — natural oak. Kitchen set with built-in appliances from leading manufacturers. The apartment has a lot of free space, the windows face the sunny side. Fenced territory of the house, security at the entrance. Very developed infrastructure of the area. The owner does object to staying with a dog, no cats».

The price in this March announcement was higher than the July offer — 100 thousand rubles.

From this description it becomes clear why Vovk could overpay. According to the media, the Ukrainian woman lived with her daughter and cat. The latter did not suit the owners.

Screenshot from the site Gorobmen

One of residents of the house on Prospekt Vernadsky, who wished to remain anonymous, confirmed that Vovk had a pet.

Realtor named Thomas, whose profile was listed opposite the ad in one of services , reacted to call aif.ru strangely. “This topic is irrelevant to me. I'm already tired of her. I need to make sales, and I get calls all the time. Can can talk about this»  — he said.

The status of the rental an apartment a a prospect          Perhaps it was then that Natalia Vovk became a neighbor of Daria Dugina. In            

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