Pamfilova reported on complaints from 10 regions in two days of elections

The CEC recommended summing up the results of the elections of heads of regions and legislative assemblies no earlier than September 14. In total, elections are held in 82 regions, 72 of them did not report alleged violations, the head of the CEC clarified

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Reports of possible shortcomings in the electoral sphere for the first two days of elections came from 10 regions, said Ella Pamfilova, head of the CEC.

“Of the 72 remaining regions where elections are held, there were no such reports at all,” — she added. The CEC chairman recommended not to sum up the results of the elections of heads of regions and legislative assemblies before September 14, this is done so that the commission has time to consider all complaints.

On Sunday, the third day of voting in the elections of various levels started in the Russian regions.

In 15 regions, gubernatorial elections are held (in 14 heads of regions are elected by universal suffrage, in Adygea the right to choose belongs to the parliament). Regional parliaments are elected in six subjects, and by-elections to local legislative bodies are held in 28 more. Elections of municipal deputies are being held in Moscow, in 11 cities— city ​​parliaments.

Some regions, where polling stations have been open for several hours, reported turnout on Sunday. In the Sverdlovsk region, where the governor is elected, the turnout for the first two hours of polling stations was at the level of 3.7% (122.1 thousand people). In the Tomsk region, where the elections of the head of the region are also held, in the first four hours after the opening of polling stations, the turnout was 18% (131.7 thousand people), the regional CEC reported.

At the Public Headquarters for Observing Elections in Moscow was informed that by 10:00 on September 11, the turnout in the capital was 27%.

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The day before, data on the turnout on September 10 in 17 regions and 7 cities was presented by the Russian Central Election Commission. By 20:00 Moscow time, the Tambov region (44.3%) became the leader in turnout among the subjects where elections of senior officials (VDL) are held. Also, 38% of voters voted on the second day in the Saratov region, 30.4%— in Ryazan.

Among the subjects where elections to legislative bodies are held, the Saratov region also distinguished itself— 38%. In the Krasnodar Territory, 37.8% voted, in the Penza Region— 37.1%.

The highest turnout among the cities indicated by the CEC, where deputies are elected, according to the results of the second day, was in Cherkessk— 49.4%.

In eight regions, including Moscow, citizens can vote electronically. In the capital's mayor's office on Sunday morning, it was reported that since the beginning of the elections, 1.5 million people have cast their vote in this format, among them— President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

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