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Tver – one of the cities where, thanks to the national project “Education” the Quantorium Children's Technopark appeared.

Children here have been creating useful programs and applications for city companies since they were at school. How young programmers are taught, Quantorium teacher told in the direction of “information technology” Daniil Chikmarev.

Learning while playing

– Daniel, this year you probably had an influx of applicants, considering how much attention the state pays to IT.

– In our technopark there is always a large number of people who want to study. Even at one time there was a queue. I will say without false modesty, training at the Quantorium – it's a privilege. I can say that the IT direction is really one of the most popular. I'll give you an example. Every year we hold a large final event “QuantoExpo”, where the experts – industrialists and industry experts – choose the best project. Projects related to the development of applications or websites are always in the lead.

– Can everyone study for free?

– Every year we allocate 2.4 thousand state-funded places, and children study free of charge within this number. There are additional classes on a paid basis, but there are mostly short-term programs.

– How to see the future IT specialist, programmer?

– With the right approach, anyone can be taught. The most important – interest the child. Very little kids come to us – 8–9 years old who start their programming journey with the basics of algorithms. These guys do not even immediately understand that they are not doing a cartoon, but are learning the basics of programming. And so, through the game, one of the most important abilities is gradually formed – understanding of algorithms.

Check in action

– Then they participate in olympiads?

– When a child studies at Quantorium, he will definitely participate in various activities. Competitions – one of the key components of our programs. A Quantorian can enter inter-regional, all-Russian and even international competitions. For example, some of the popular – ­IT-Fest and TECHNOCOM.

We have a lot of hackathons (competitions for developers at a time. – Ed.) on programming in different environments and application development. And every student can test himself in the case. Older children receive knowledge that will be useful to them at the university and will give additional points for admission.

– Any real developments?

– We try to immerse the child in the work process as much as possible. We cooperate with companies, we solve real problems with children – cases provided by partner organizations. For example, with one of the Tver companies, we held a competition to create a corporate application. Students who have proven themselves can even get an internship. By the way, we have a special IT Garage program, where the guys, in cooperation with the partners of the technopark, Tver industrialists and IT people, create real products. This year, these were projects to organize a network of tourist bike paths in the city, applications for the Quantorium technopark, as well as an attendance record system in a children's center.

– What attracts children to IT the most?

– IT – this is a special area where there is a whole range of professions and everyone can find what they are interested in, from testing and analytics to working with big data and neural networks. Many students want to become app or game developers.

Find your nearest Quantorium you can on the National Projects.rf portal in the “Education” section.

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