Putin sent condolences to the family of Daria Dugina

Plot Murder of the daughter of philosopher Alexander Dugin

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent condolences to the family of journalist Darya Dugina, who was killed on the instructions of the Ukrainian special services, the Kremlin. News».

«A vile, cruel crime cut short the life of Daria Dugina, a bright, talented person with a real Russian heart – kind, loving, sympathetic and open,», Putin's telegram says.

< p>According to him, Dugina honestly served the citizens, her country, she actually showed what it means to be a Russian patriot.

Recall that on the evening of August 20, the car driven by Dugina exploded on Mozhaisk Highway in Moscow region. The girl died on the spot. The media wrote that the explosive device planted in Dugina's car was activated remotely.

Earlier it was reported that the murder of Daria Dugina was solved, it was prepared by the Ukrainian special services. The performer is a citizen of Ukraine Natalia Vovk, who fled to Estonia after the crime. on Tuesday, August 23.

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