Rayburn – Deep In Blue lyrics

Around here there’s a man who said
You’ve done nothing ’till you’ve risen from the dead
I don’t know but that sure seems hard to do

Around here there’s a woman who cried
You’ve lost nothin’ ’till your baby has died
I don’t know but that sure seems like it’s true

Your pleasant conversation
Endorses your desolation

Around here there’s a mean man with money
He gives it to them who would call him honey
Sycophanting must be the thing to do

Around here walks a boy with a cane
Raised in fear still no one would he blame
Somebody got away with being cruel

With a wink and a node
You live your lies you call God

Oh how to crawl back to the moment of your choice
Why was it so easy to fall so deep into the blue

Around here, doesn’t matter what you believe
It’s the same when you return as when you leave
That’s how it is so deep in the blue, breathing blue