Residents of Kyiv will meet “Independence Day” of Ukraine in basements

The authorities of Nezalezhnaya fear retribution from the Russian Federation

On August 24, Ukraine is preparing to celebrate the 31st anniversary of its “independence”. Independence Day has always been celebrated magnificently: a military parade, NATO aircraft flying over Kyiv, shows, prayers, marches of embroidered shirts and processions of neo-Nazis – for example, the Kyiv regime had fun in 2021, celebrating the 30th anniversary of independence. Nothing of the sort is planned for this year. A curfew is being introduced in Ukrainian cities, people are being urged to stay at home, and even deputies and officials are being transferred to remote work.

Photo : Global Look Press

Head of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on the eve of the holiday made a special video message to the people, in which he warned of possible provocations. According to him, “something especially ugly and vicious” is expected on this day – and this is against the backdrop of all the latest provocations and bloody deeds of Kyiv itself.

All mass events were canceled in the capital of Ukraine on August 23-24. Officials and deputies of the Verkhovna Rada are advised to work from home for the entire current week and not appear in the government quarter. Offices of commercial companies in the center of Kyiv are transferred to remote work. Employees of budgetary organizations were also recommended to stay at home all holidays and not go to the center.

The province does not lag behind the capital. A “long” curfew was introduced in the Kharkiv region – from 19.00 on August 23 to 07.00 on August 25. The head of the Kharkiv regional administration, Oleg Sinegubov, called on the population to “prepare for staying in shelters and houses” and reminded that during the curfew it is impossible to move along the streets either by transport or on foot, and it is also forbidden to be in public places. Train communication with Kharkiv is interrupted – the Ukrainian railway has canceled all trains to this city.

What could be behind these chaotic and panicky actions of Kyiv? First of all, fear. The FSB of the Russian Federation announced the disclosure of the murder of the daughter of the Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin, Daria, and accused the SBU of this crime. The name of the performer has been established, she turned out to be a citizen of Ukraine Natalia Vovk, who, after blowing up Daria's car, managed to escape to Estonia. A terrorist act on the territory of Russia is, of course, a challenge. And in Kyiv they understand that they can answer this challenge.

However, this answer may not be what the Ukrainian secret services and their Western curators imagine it to be. To answer “asymmetrically” – this has become the principle of Russian policy in recent years. Revenge is served cold: Moscow has learned to wait, pause and respond when and where no one expects it from it. Therefore, I think that nothing will happen in Kyiv on August 24, and if it does, then it will not be the Kremlin, but the SBU and Western intelligence services that will be behind these events.

After all, it is no coincidence that the authorities of the liberated territories of Ukraine expect provocations from Kyiv on Independence Day. This was announced, in particular, by the deputy head of the administration of the Kherson region Kirill Stremousov. Support for the Kyiv regime in the West is declining, urgently need to raise the stakes. In the name of this gloomy goal, Daria Dugina was killed – a young woman who, although she was a talented, bright personality and a rising star of Russian philosophy, still did not have a decisive influence on public sentiment in the Russian Federation, much less on Putin and the course special operations. Like her father, Alexander Dugin, who not only was never “the ideologist of the Putin regime,” but, as the Israeli publicist Avigdor Eskin, who knows him well, has never met Putin personally. The same task is served by the escalation of recent days, for example, attacks by Ukrainian drones on the Crimea and Melitopol on the evening of August 21. Therefore, we should expect new provocations from the Zelensky regime, as evidenced by its preparations for the Independence Day of Ukraine.


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