Residents of Moscow warned about record heat

In the capital of Russia next week, a heat of more than 30 degrees is predicted, it is possible that the record values ​​for 125 years will be repeated. A leading employee of the Phobos weather center wrote about this in the Telegram channel. Evgeny Tishkovets.

According to him, on August 22, the weather in the region will be determined by the western edge of the anticyclone, it will warm up to 26-28 degrees in the capital, in the – until 25-30. On Tuesday, the temperature in Moscow will rise to 30-32 degrees, in the Moscow region – until 28-33.

August 24 will be another degree hotter. The maximum is expected on August 25 – thermometers in the capital will be at 32-34 degrees, in the suburbs – 30-35, which is 10-12 degrees above the norm and close to the record figure of this day, set in 1897. Then it was recorded 33.9 degrees above zero.

On August 26, a cold atmospheric front with rain is expected. The temperature during the day in Moscow will be at the level of 26-28 degrees, in the – 25-30. It will get colder at night at the weekend – up to 8-13 degrees, during the day it will not be higher than 22-27.

Earlier, the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia raised the level of fire danger in Moscow and the Moscow region to “orange”.

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