Senator Isakov said he did not disown his daughter

The senator from KhMAO said that he had a conflict with his daughter. Reports that he disowned her after her interview about leaving Russia and speaking out against the military operation in Ukraine, he called incorrect

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Eduard Isakov with his daughter Diana

Senator from the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug Eduard Isakov said that he had a conflict with his daughter, but he did not disown her after her interview about leaving Russia and speaking out against the military operation in Ukraine.

“In the media print loud headlines that “I disowned my daughter,” I did not say such words. My daughter and I have a conflict, serious disagreements. I am disappointed with her behavior and attitude towards me, her position in relation to her country, — wrote Isakov in Telegram.

The politician asked not to make a victim out of his daughter, as she “not only spoke out against a special military operation, she was secretly engaged in opposition activities”; behind him.

According to the senator, he does not relieve himself of responsibility for raising his daughter. “This is my daughter, my pain. Of course it breaks my heart. And I want to believe that she will come to her senses, repent and return to her homeland, — concluded Isakov.

Last week, the senator's daughter, Diana Isakova, told the BBC in an interview that she had left the country because of her position on military operations in Ukraine. According to the girl, in March she participated in a rally in Sochi, and in April she distributed anti-war leaflets, because of which she was detained and interrogated by the police, and then summoned to the FSB. Isakova said that she had conflicts with her father, including because of her political views. According to her, her father “tried to expose” her “guilty, traitor”, called “the enemy of the family”; and an “enemy of the people”, and also demanded that she move out of his house in Sochi.

The senator found out about her detention in the evening after interrogation by the FSB, the girl said. According to her, “an incredible number of officials called him, and as a result, [Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina] Matvienko told him about it.”

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According to the politician, he tried to explain to his daughter the need for a military operation, “offered to visit places of military glory of the Soviet people, read about the history of his country,” and also go to Donbass as a volunteer.

The Senator's actions were commented on by State Duma deputy and TV presenter Yevgeny Popov. «Repudiate children— last thing. Whatever they are, — he wrote in Telegram.

Isakov has been representing the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug in the Federation Council since 2015, is a member of the United Russia regional political council.

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