The call will not be increased. What does the increase in the size of the Russian army mean?

Vladimir Putin signed a decree increasing the number of military personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation by 137 thousand people. human. Does do mean that the same number of people will increase the call? No in no way!

Russian President Vladimir Putin, by his decree, instructed to increase the number of military personnel of the Russian armed forces by 137 thousand people. — up to million 150 thousand people.

The previous staffing was 1 013 628 military personnel with the total staff of the Ministry of Defense in 1.9 million. Difference —  at the expense of civil servants.

The new headcount should be achieved not at once, but from 1 January 2023 . At due to what, or more precisely, at who due to should this growth be achieved? First of all, it is worth reassuring the parents of conscripts: only not at the expense of their children! Specified in & nbsp; law 137 & nbsp; thousand. man — they are exclusively contract servicemen.

The thing is in Russia has been running a program to create territorial battalions for several months now (not to be confused with teroborona battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine). These are military units that are completely formed in separate subjects of the federation. Of course, the Chechen Republic, as well as Bashkiria, Primorsky Krai, Tatarstan, Udmurtia, and a number of other regions announced their participation in the program. These will be, one might say, shock units, consisting of & nbsp; only contract servicemen. No “wild divisions” and "native units" won't will. All of them will be included in the composition of the Ground Forces on common grounds.

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