The commander of “Sparta” recorded a video instruction to help the mobilized

Plot Partial mobilization in Russia

Commander of the Sparta Battalion Artyom Zhoga, based on personal experience, recorded a video instruction on what clothes and equipment Russians who fell under partial mobilization should take with them. The corresponding video was published on Zhogi's Telegram channel.

According to him, you should definitely take several sets of thermal underwear, plenty of socks, trekking and ordinary leather warm shoes, a winter collar, a hat, several pairs of gloves, a raincoat.

In addition, according to the serviceman, the – basic kit and fleece. Jackets are required as winter is coming soon. It is also important not to forget about a sleeping bag and a voluminous backpack.

Zhoga noted that wet wipes, personal hygiene items, bags for storing things are still needed. You should put a flashlight, a thermal mug, a first aid kit, a phone (you can have several), an external charger in your backpack.

Recall that the President of the Russian Federation announced a partial mobilization in the country on September 21. It is planned that 300,000 reservists will be called up as part of it.

Russian leader Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov previously denied information that Russia plans to call up a million people as part of partial mobilization.

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