The cruiser “Peter the Great” and the destroyer “Admiral Ushakov” fired

As part of the exercises taking place in the Northern Fleet, the nuclear-powered missile cruiser “Peter the Great” and the destroyer “Admiral Ushakov” worked out the tasks of searching for submarines of a mock enemy and conducted firing near Novaya Zemlya.

Teams of the ships completed tasks together with the crews of Il-38 aircraft and Ka-27 helicopters.

Also “Peter Great» and “Admiral Ushakov” carried out anti-torpedo maneuvering, the press service of the Northern Fleet reported.

Add, the frigate “Admiral Golovko” will be handed over to the Russian Navy by the end of 2022. The commander of the Northern Fleet, Alexander Moiseev, reported that the ship would be the first full-time carrier of hypersonic weapons at sea.

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