The embassy sent a note to Albania due to the detention of Russians

Russia turned to the Albanian Foreign Ministry with a request to inform about the fate of Russian citizens detained at a military plant in the city of Gramsci. They were detained the day before while trying to take photos of the object

< /p> The building of the Russian Embassy in Albania

The Russian Embassy sent a note to the Albanian Foreign Ministry with a request to provide information about the Russians detained in the country, who were suspected of infiltrating a military facility in the city of Gramsci, RBC's diplomatic mission reported.

The embassy has not yet received a response to the request.

On August 21, the Albanian Ministry of Defense announced that it had detained two Russian citizens and one Ukrainian citizen near a military plant in Gramsci.

A Russian citizen entered the facility and tried to take photographs. During the arrest, the man sprayed tear gas into the faces of two servicemen. Detainee's initials— M.Z.

The detainee was accompanied by a man and a woman, they were also detained soon, the military department specified. A woman with the initials S.T. also turned out to be a citizen of Russia, and a man with the initials F.A.— a citizen of Ukraine.

Officers of the military police and the military intelligence and security agency arrived at the scene of the incident to investigate. Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said that the detainees are suspected of espionage.

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AlbaniaDailyNews, citing the police, clarified that 23-year-old Mikhail Zorin, 33-year-old Svetlana Timofeeva and Fedor Mikhailovich A. (25 years old) were detained.

They told the police that are engaged in photographing abandoned military installations. They showed the police photographs of bunkers, tunnels and factories, the portal points out.

On August 22, the detainees were charged under articles of attacking law enforcement officers on duty, as well as espionage.

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