The expert commented on the detention of a Russian working for the SBU: not the last “pepper”

“He is a nobody, and there is no way to call him”

According to the FSB, a Russian citizen was detained in Krasnodar, acting as an agent of the Ukrainian special services, collecting and transferring information for money to the SBU. We turned to the expert for comments.

Photo: Still from video

A lot of Ukrainian spies, saboteurs and agents – and this is quite natural, in connection with a special military operation. Such a logical thought was expressed to MK by the chairman of the central executive committee of the public organization Officers of Russia, Major General of the Reserve Alexander Mikhailov. approved.

“Yes, he is a nobody, and there is no way to call him,” Mikhailov emphasized. – Such “Archie” is now walking around the country an unmeasured amount. You look at what is happening here: even cases of Ukrainian missiles being fired from the territory of the Russian Federation. These attacks on our cities in the Kursk and Belgorod regions are all agents of Ukraine that induce. There will be a lot of such “peppers”, I think this is not the first and not the last capture.”

“We see quite a lot of people who crossed our border, many settled down, naturalized,” General Mikhailov continued. – But who naturalized and for what purposes? Let's take 2014, when they came to us in droves from the Donbass – no one filtered, we accepted everyone with a light heart. and truly revive the participation of citizens in the protection of public order, creatively borrowing, among other things, the Soviet experience of people's squads and youth operational detachments.


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