The philosophy of life of Daria Dugina: Washington and London announced sanctions to her

Shortly before her death, the girl talked about mental wars

Daria Dugina did not live a few months before her thirtieth birthday. Despite her youth, she was recently included in the sanctions list by the British Foreign Office, and earlier restrictions were announced against her in the USA and Australia.

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Daria graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University – her scientific interests ranged from political Platonism (isn't her pseudonym Platonov, which was used in the media space, taken from here?) Emperor Julian to modern political trends in Europe. She was a political observer for the International Eurasian Movement. For a long time, Daria Dugina worked at Tsargrad TV, hosted the Our Point of View program. I went to Donbass.

Her activities were “appreciated” in the British Foreign Office, putting her name on the black list of those who are subject to sanctions in London. Daria Dugina has been called a “frequent and well-known contributor of disinformation regarding Ukraine” on various online platforms. The girl was accused of supporting and promoting “policies or actions that destabilize Ukraine, undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty or independence of Ukraine.”

Even earlier, in March, Daria Dugina was included in the sanctions list of “pro-Kremlin propagandists” published by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs.

In early March, as the editor-in-chief of the United World International website, Daria was also sanctioned by the Ministry of Finance USA.

Shortly before her death, Daria participated in the Army-2022 forum, prepared a report on “Mental maps and their role in network wars.” She argued that if in classical wars power was established in the physical space, then in the network the emphasis is on mental maps (that is, on virtual space, opinions, mind control).

As an example, Daria cited conflict in Ukraine, and more specifically, the events in Bucha, which the Ukrainian side used to denigrate the image of Russia. At the same time, the work was carried out in a number of areas, designed for several audiences (Ukrainian, Western, Russian, etc.).

“Mental wars in the theory of network-centric wars are becoming the most important area of ​​modern military strategy, and their role is steadily is growing,” Daria concluded in her report, emphasizing the importance that in our time is acquiring control over the consciousness and state of society, over its beliefs and beliefs.

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