Ukrainian deputies and civil servants were advised to go remote

UP: employees of the government quarter in Kyiv were recommended to work from home for a week Employees of state institutions in the government quarter in the center of Kyiv were recommended to temporarily switch to remote work. Next week Ukraine celebrates Flag Day and Independence Day, mass events will be canceled in the capital media=”(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

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View of the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Employees of institutions located in the government quarter of Kyiv were recommended to switch to remote work from home from August 22 to 26, reports Ukrayinska Pravda. citing sources in the country's parliament and government.

The government quarter is located in the city center, where, in particular, the buildings of the parliament, the office of the president, the government, and the National Bank of Ukraine are located.

One of the interlocutors said that employees of state institutions are advised to “appear as little as possible” next week. in the government quarter. According to the publication, at this time the apparatus of the Verkhovna Rada will work remotely, with the exception of employees who are involved in working with international delegations and preparing for the next parliamentary session.

Ukrainian edition of “Comments” reports that next week all mass events will be banned in Kyiv, and the city authorities should also reduce the number of officials, civil servants and workers involved in the daily life of the capital.

August 23, Ukraine celebrates the Day of the State Flag, and on the 24th — Independence Day.

A Russian military operation has been going on in Ukraine since February 24, the goals of which in Moscow were called demilitarization and denazification. Ukraine severed diplomatic relations with Russia and introduced martial law. There is a curfew in almost all regions of the country.

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The Russian Ministry of Defense states that strikes are carried out only on military targets. At the same time, the country's authorities, including Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev, do not rule out strikes “to defeat decision-making centers”— The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the General Staff, if Kyiv uses the American multiple launch rocket systems transferred to it against Russian territories.

The authorities of Ukraine and the Western states that supply the country with weapons have repeatedly said that Kyiv will not use them to strike targets on Russian territory. At the same time, the office of the President of Ukraine says that the promise given to Western partners not to hit targets on Russian territory with foreign weapons does not apply to the Crimean Bridge. On August 18, the Politico newspaper reported, citing sources in the US administration, that the US would not object if Ukraine uses Western weapons to attack military installations in Crimea. The peninsula became part of Russia following a referendum in March 2014, the results of which were not recognized by Ukraine and most countries— UN members. The Russian authorities called the issue of ownership of the peninsula closed.

In recent days, several incidents have occurred in Crimea at military facilities: on August 9, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, several aviation munitions were detonated at the Saki airfield near the resort village of Novofedorovka; On August 16, the detonation of ammunition occurred at a warehouse in the village of Mayskoye, Dzhankoy District, the Ministry of Defense explained the incident as sabotage. Air defense also repeatedly worked: August 18— in Kerch, August 19— in Evpatoria, on the morning of August 20, an UAV attacked the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet. Ukraine has not officially confirmed its involvement in the Mayskoye incident and the drone attack.

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