Unusual school day. Young Muscovites were shown how scientists work

On 9 September as part of Study Day in the City” classes were held for Moscow schoolchildren at scientific institutes, university laboratories, museums and metropolitan technoparks.

The events were timed to coincide with the Decade of Science and Technology. The guys were incredibly interested: not even every adult has the opportunity to touch science — learn how the everyday life of scientists is organized, how scientific experiments are carried out, and take part in them yourself. Science can be understandable and fun. And how many directions it turns out to exist!

“When a student sees how scientific laws, formulas and hypotheses are applied in practice, he is inspired to create, invent, gain new knowledge, — says deputy head of the Moscow Department of Education and science Alexander Tverskoy.        the students of the schools were shown in what conditions the advanced science of Moscow and the country is being created, the guys got acquainted with modern equipment in laboratories and asked scientists a lot of questions».

Young Muscovites were welcomed at research centers and at the training grounds of Russia's leading universities. The National Research Technological University MISiS, MIREA — Russian Technological University, National Research University MPEI, Russian National Research Medical University. N.I. Pirogova and others. It is important that in  scientific and educational institutions, children not only observed the workflow of researchers, but and discussed the choice of a profession and preparation for entry into universities.

And about how this school day went for schoolchildren who happened to spend it in museum, "AiF" Alfred Vardazaryan, the head of the scientific popularization department of the Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow, said ."We prepared in advance, came up with events and  arranged logistics in such a way as to accept as many schoolchildren as possible, because there were a lot of applicants — he notes. — The Cosmonautics Museum opened on this day, two hours earlier than usual. At & nbsp; 8 & nbsp; o'clock the first schoolchildren came. Throughout the day at the Museum of Cosmonautics and at the House-Museum of Academician S.P. Korolev, more than 50 excursions, 3 lectures “First in space! The first in football”, organized jointly with PFC CSKA. 14 classes took part in“Study Day at museum” (teachers held museum lessons for schoolchildren in physics, mathematics, Russian language, literature and other subjects). There were film screenings and quests. In total, over 3 thousand people visited us. schoolchildren».

Moscow pays special attention to supporting science. All conditions have been created in schools to interest children in scientific research. You can enroll in pre-professional engineering, academic, medical, entrepreneurial, cadet, pedagogical, sports, media, and IT classes. Within the framework of the capital project "Scientists in"schools" representatives of science — from young scientists to academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences — tell students about the best Russian developments. Young Muscovites can attend meetings with leading scientists of the country at Scientific Saturdays — one of directions of the city project «Saturdays of the Moscow schoolboy». Employees of universities and scientific research institutes participate in another popular science project addressed to schoolchildren: «NAU. Guide to science in Moscow». Its basis — a system of video courses supplemented by articles by scientists and science journalists.

By the way

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed a Decree on announcing 2022–2031  Decade of Science and Technology. The document defines the main tasks for the next ten years, including attracting talented youth to research and development, and enhancing the availability of information about achievements and prospects for the development of science for Russian citizens.

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