US accuses Iranian company of supplying drones to Russia and imposes sanctions

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The US has imposed sanctions on Iran's Safiran Airport Services, an air transportation company that Washington believes is supplying drones to Russia. Moscow is using them in its military operation in Ukraine, the US authorities believe.

The US Treasury Department said that Safiran “coordinated flights of the Russian military between Iran and Russia, including those related to the transportation of Iranian UAVs, personnel and appropriate equipment».

“The [received] information also indicates that after assembly and testing, the Russian Aerospace Forces intend to use Iranian UAVs along with Russian UAVs.” as part of the operation in Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance said in a release.

The list also includes three other legal entities and one individual that Mifin claims are involved in “research, development, production and procurement.” Iranian drones and their components for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), including their air and naval forces. The list includes Paravar Pars, Design and Manufacturing of Aircraft Engines (DAMA), Baharestan Kish, as well as the Managing Director and Member of the Board of Directors of Baharestan Kish Rahmatollah Heydari.

All those included in the sanctions lists were included in the SDN list, which provides for the most stringent restrictions.

The United States reported back in July that it had information about Iran's plans to supply Russia with up to several hundred drones. According to them, Moscow planned to use them in operations in Ukraine. Among the drones will be those that can carry weapons, Washington argued.

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Iran did not confirm this message, saying that they had not developed cooperation in the field of modern technologies with Russia recently. The Kremlin also said that President Vladimir Putin did not discuss the issue of supplying drones with the Iranian authorities.

At the same time, in August, the United States threatened Iran with sanctions for supplying drones to Russia. The State Department also claimed to have information that the Russian military received training in operating the drones in Iran.

The Washington Post later reported, citing sources, that Russian cargo planes had already taken the first batch of drones from Iran. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the publication, said that the Washington Post has been publishing “a lot of information stuffing” lately.

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