Usher – Make It Rain Lyrics

Peace up!
Ya’ll know what it is
Yeah, man
It’s Usher baby
Just a little warm up

[Verse 1]
I was out in the city of ATL, where we steady keep it popping
We got them Georgia peaches so sweet that you want to bite them
And we got the hardest slang that bang from every city
Does anybody know how to make it rain?
We keep that carpet green in the city, the saddle in the traffic
You ever got a problem, homie? We make you feel unstopped
Oh, no, yes, sir
So when you see me in the club, partner this is how you greet me, throw it up
I can make it rain 24 stacks in the air
It’s raining money in here, throw it up, ah, throw it up, ah
You gotta get it on the floor, short
Get it in on the floor, shorty
Get down on your knees
I’m trying to get you all alone
So you can feel the chrome up in my Chevy drop top
This the part where everybody throw up the A

[Verse 2]
Aye, what it do, shorty? Let me get that number, shorty
What you see in the A, we shoulder lean and snap, shorty
We keep the hottest fit, fresh to death
Come in the club like we never left
If you ain’t with it, shorty, get gone