What kind of kamikaze drone LAOP-500 was created in Russia?

Research and production company “Android technology” created a modernized analogue of the famous American Switchblade drone. The novelty has improved characteristics relative to the foreign device, it can hit both manpower and armored vehicles. 


Drones are becoming more and more popular. They are inexpensive, have a simple device, are easy to handle, and, finally, they are not too pathetic. Therefore, in the conditions of hostilities, they are truly a new word. Given the popularity of foreign drones, Russian developers have created their own, similar in scope to the Switchblade. It exists in two variants — the heavier 600 and the lighter 300. The first is capable of hitting armored targets, the second is sharpened specifically for enemy manpower or equipment without additional protection. 

Recall that the 300 model weighs 2.5 kilograms, flies on distance of 10 kilometers within 15 minutes. 


LAOP stands for Single Use Aircraft. The drone is capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to five kilometers. It works as follows — rises into the air, searches for and selects a target for 20 minutes, and then strikes. 

The apparatus is launched using a special installation similar to a slingshot — it fires the drone into the air so that it doesn't waste energy and time to take off. 

Of course, I would like to get more details about the security of the drone. For example, if the 300th can be fought with a machine gun, usually, for the 600th you need something more serious, for example, automatic anti-aircraft guns. 

I would also like a clarification regarding the mass. 


LAOP-500, according to the developers, is twice as powerful as Switchblade 300. Whether this means that its characteristics are the same as those of Switchblade 600 is not clear. However, it is reported that the Russian drone is capable of destroying even armored vehicles. 

The device carries a charge with a capacity of about 500 grams of TNT. Presumably, that is why it has such a name. This should be enough to successfully defeat even protected targets. Regarding the defeat of manpower — about 12 people who are closest to the site of the explosion of ammunition can suffer. 

By the way, it is logical to assume that Switchblade are worn by 300 and 600 grams of TNT, respectively. It turns out that the Russian novelty is between them in terms of power, but with a slight shift to a more powerful drone. 

The developers are still silent about the participation of this drone in hostilities.

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