Where can I contact if I have problems receiving payments for children?

Since 2020, many changes have been made regarding children's payments: new types of benefits have appeared, the procedure and conditions for their appointment have changed. Innovations cause difficulties not only for those who want to receive benefits, but and for the bodies that assign these benefits — because of this, illegal refusals or errors in accruals often occur. In such a case, the Ministry of Labor has prepared clarifications for future parents and citizens who already have children. Where to contact for issues of benefits, as well as answers to other questions about child benefits — in aif.ru material.

What should I do if a payment is denied, but conditions have changed?

The agency clarified: if a person was denied payment due to the fact that he did not pass the property threshold, but subsequently his financial situation changed, he can re-apply for calculation of benefits.

 changes in financial status include including:

  • decrease in income;
  • confirmation of “zero income”;
  • getting a job or registering as unemployed, etc.

What should I do if, instead of a decision on the assignment of a benefit, I received a notification about the finalization of the application?

In  in some cases, after applying for benefits the applicant may receive a non payment decision— — approval or rejection, and  notice of the need to finalize the application. The Ministry of Labor explained — this does not mean a denial of support. Most likely, the citizen filled out the application form incorrectly, entered incorrect data, or did not fill out something. In this case, you need to check the application, make corrections and send it back. Such notification may also come in if the application does not enclose all the necessary documents, — they need to be sent additionally.

Where should I contact if I have problems with payments?

In the case when the  payment was refused, and the applicant does not agree, or the allowance was accrued in  less or more than it should be, the Ministry of Labor in its Telegram channel published a list of Internet portals and places where you can apply in person.

When receiving benefits for expectant mothers who registered in early pregnancy, and also when receiving benefits for children from 8 to 17 years, you can report a problem:

  • through the FIU's online reception;
  • in person at the FIU's customer service;
  • through a special service on Unified Public Services Portal.

When receiving benefits for children under three years, you can get information:

  • for first child — in the department of social protection or the MFC;
  • for the second child —

When receiving benefits for children from 3 to 8 years, you can report a problem:

  • also through a special service on portal;
  • in person at the department of social protection of the corresponding subject of the Russian Federation.

Why is financial standing important for calculating benefits?

Measures of social support for families with children and future parents have recently been linked to income. When making a decision on the calculation of payments, the authorized bodies conduct a comprehensive need assessment, that is, they analyze the income of family members and the availability of property: real estate and vehicles. The value of the average income for each family member — it should not exceed one or two subsistence levels in the region (depending on the type of allowance). In addition, the concept of «zero income» — this means that benefits may be denied if one of able-bodied family members does work and not receive income without good reason.




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