Where to read the news after the transfer of “Yandex.News” and “Zen” VK?

The new main page of “Yandex” after the transfer of “Zen” and "News" corporation VK will become the site ya.ru. “Zen” and "News" will become available on the unified portal dzen.ru, the former main yandex.ru will redirect to the same page.

The ya.ru page will become the main entry point to "Search", "Mail" and other services of the company, including the personal account of the Yandex ID user. The company will also release a new Yandex app for Android. With Alisa.

It will be possible to conduct a universal search on ya.ru, including pictures and goods, and Alice will help get quick answers. Look at the new main page of “Yandex” you can already now on new.ya.ru.

What is known about the transfer of "Yandex" corporation VK?

VK   "Yandex" formalized the deal, according to which the Zen services; and "News" will become the property of VK, and the Delivery Club delivery service will be transferred to Yandex. The asset transfer procedure still needs to be approved by regulators. The transaction is expected to close by the end of 2022.

What will happen to "Yandex.News"?

The service will continue to work in  normal mode. All projects of «News» remain active:

  • federal/regional top-5;
  • the story in its current form with digest, media block and details about event", "Most Cited" and official commentary;
  • topics;
  • news search;
  • set sources.

Current &laquo employees ;News» will continue to work and will develop the service in VK.

The new owner promised to keep all existing content monetization tools for the authors of "Zen" and "Novosti" publishers. And  users will have the choice of where to read and watch the  — on web portal or app. The only innovation — disabling light turbo pages: this technology will stop working in           remain in  search only. 


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