Why is Kinzhal the best?

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 34. Model locality. How is our auto industry “changing shoes”? 08/24/2022

Another proof that Russia is far from “isolation” and our military-industrial complex both worked and works, the signing of contracts for the mass production of Zircon missiles began, said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu:

“Zircons” will be put into service this year, the minister said in an interview with the Rossiya 1 TV channel. Modern S-500 complexes and Sarmat missiles are at the signing stage. Serial production of the Su-57 aircraft is already underway. “We have used and are using the Su-57 aircraft. He showed himself brilliantly. The aircraft has a very high degree of protection against various air defense systems. Main — very powerful weapons. We tried it too, it works brilliantly, — noted Shoigu.

Another significant novelty of the Russian military industry — “Kinzhal”, a hypersonic missile that reaches 10 times the speed of sound. “It is virtually impossible to intercept it, and we use it to strike at especially important targets, — explained the Minister of Defense. — It was used in our country during a special military operation three times. And she showed her brilliant performance three times. Characteristics that no other similar rocket in the world has. Actually, no one else has such a missile: hypersonic, and with such speed, and with such penetrating capabilities.

Sergei Shoigu also spoke about the results of the Army Forum that had just ended. This year the forum has a new feature — trophy exhibition. “Before that, if you remember, we showed an exhibition of captured weapons from Syria, — said the head of the Ministry of Defense. — There is also a complete set, ranging from tanks “Leopard” and ending with all sorts of armored vehicles, communication systems, medical equipment. Both our science and our industry are now engaged in special operation trophies — look at them from both sides. First — what are the possibilities of combating this weapon, how and what can be opposed to it. On the other hand — what can hit him. We looked: the same howitzers M777 — very capricious, hard to repair. You can show them at the exhibition. It's good, beautiful, when everything is clean and tidy and road dust is removed. But in combat, this technique is very capricious. Unlike ours, easy to maintain and repair. The same goes for JAVELIN. Well, they are not as good as, in general, those who sell them would like! We have learned to deal with them, we know them, we understand them, we see them. But its firing range is almost two times lower than that of our “Cornet” (anti-tank missile system. — Ed.)”.

By the way, the fact that this year the forum was held against the backdrop of a special military operation and unprecedented international pressure did not affect its results at all: 80 foreign delegations arrived, contracts worth almost half a trillion rubles were signed.

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